RL Variofoil Set complete with 90 cm mast and board only 849 €

You allready have your own board?

RL Variofoil Set without board 599€ only !!

30+60 cm Mast on top only 45€

also with splitboard

How it starts...

And how it goes on:

And so on ... just fun and pure action


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RL Variofoil Set only

RL Variofoil Set complete with all accessories but without board
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Bei Auswahl der variablen Mastgröße gib bitte die gewünschte Mastgröße im Warenkorb unter Bemerkungen ein

2 years of succesful experiance of foiling are behind us !!

We would like to share with you

All wings are to use with only one fuselage  !!

The Allround wing

The Manta  is currently our best wing. Ideal for the beginner, but also for the more experienced rider

It offers maximum lateral stability, so that jibing and turning is much easier. Even carving succeeds

easier. He also creates a lot of buoyancy and you can fly quite early

manta allround 57manta carbon

Maße:       570 x170 mm

Gewicht :                                                                                    

 in weiß carbonverstärkt      530 gr

in Carbon                                       460 gr

The slow one

Our New Generations Wing    the  ORCA


Here you will experience how even at minimum speed the wing lifts and lets you fly.

Noblest 1250 cm² Carbon for a typical RL price!

Yesterdays still difficult maneuvers are a breeze today!

Because of the size only available in carbon. And even 100 kg are no problem for him!

Gewicht Orca : 790 Gramm

Größe :   635x250 mm

 The quick one  ....

You love speed when foiling ?  Then this wing will be your favorit

shark2Shark Carbon 1

Of course a bit more difficult to fly than the Manta because of its smaller area.

Front wing "Shark white" : 560 x 120 curved, fiber glass with carbon stringers

Weight: 420 grams

Front wing "Shark carbon " (Allround56): 560 x 120 bent carbon

Weight: 350 gramms


 The set includes:

1 x 90 cm Varioalumast

Or instead of 30 cm +60 cm Varioalumast 

              Further Variomastlength selectable

1 x board mounting plate  anodised

1 x fuselage black anodized

1 x wing set Shark white including backwing and fin

1 x complete screw set

1 x mounting paste Weicon Anti Seize  for the original equipment

 mounting tools

If you like:  30 cm training mast  for 10 € available


to avoid Oxydation of alu and crews  in salty water
 "Weicon High Tech Montagepaste".

You can order in our shop as a30 gr Pen or in  120 gr.

New:: Covers for wing, backwing or mast


weight with  90 cm Variofoilmast:

Manta  Setup                      

Orca Setup      

1 footstrap  190 gr   , the lightversion 120 gr(please order extra )





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