RL Variofoil Set complete with 90 cm mast and board only 879 €

You allready have your own board?

RL Variofoil Set without board 629 € only !!

30+60 cm Mast on top only 45€

also with splitboard

How it starts...

And how it goes on:

And so on ... just fun and pure action


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Kiting when others do not even think about it!

RL Variofoil

Variable aluminum mast heights
completely deconstructable foil

(Everything fits into suitcase )

As Foil-Skim or Directional


Why should I buy the RL Variofoil?

There are now numerous Foil manufacturers. Usually comes with a 90 cm mast. From my own experience, I know how painful the beginning of the Foilkarriere with this mast height is. Crashes at the beginning from 90 cm height on the water by the rising and lowering, broken shinbone - because after years of kiting I had to learn that there is still a sharp underwater part under the board. The legs are usually in the way, if you after the fall again float on the board arrived ...

We want to avoid all that. Learning foiling  while having fun  That's why the Variomast.

The Foilkarriere start with a 30, 40 or 45 mast and so from the beginning fun without stress .Easy to learn:

Where do I have to stand on the board?  How do I start and and and ... just get the feeling of balance.

It is quite different than to drive a Twintip, since both feet are burdened and not only the rear.

Falls can be avoided and within 2-3 hours you know how it could go.

Then you can go on the 60cm mast and continue practicing. Incidentally, the 30cm learning mast costs 10 €, an investment you will not regret ...

My experience has shown that foiling can be learned in a short time.

In low wind is usually the wave height low and thus initially enough also a short mast of 60-70 cm. Of course also depends on the area.


 You will have fun with these mast heights. I have now practiced my jibes and tacks with a 70's mast, just felt safer myself than with the 90cm mast.

My experience: Even with the shorter masts are endgeile sessions with little wind possible.


That's why we recommend the RL Variofoil


For the beginner, the Manta 2019 is the perfect and easiest way to get started. The Manta wing enables safe, stable flying in short time.

In combination with the 140x47 he board an ideal combination, the heavier kiter (starting from 90 kg + equipment) should think

about a bigger board, maybe even about our volume board.

With our set prices, we make it possible to double the time on the water through foiling for little money. Many kite boards often cost far more

than our foil kit complete with carbon board.

By the way: Gleiten.tv has tested this set and you can convince yourself in the video of the good performance of the Manta (Allround57) set.

We linked the video several times.

I hope I have made your purchase decision a little easier with these explanations.

Otherwise just ask ... :)






RL Variofoil Set Special Edition 2019

Special Carbon Design nearly to nice to ride on it !!

Sales price with discount:
Sales price: 1109,00 €
Tax amount: 177,07 €

RL Variofoil Set 2019

The whole set at a hammer price!

Sales price with discount:
Sales price: 949,00 €
Tax amount: 151,52 €

RL Variofoil Set 2019

The whole set at a hammer price!

Sales price with discount:
Sales price: 1269,00 €
Tax amount: 202,61 €

RL Variofoil Set only

RL Variofoil Set complete with all accessories but without ...

Sales price with discount:
Sales price: 679,00 €
Tax amount: 108,41 €
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